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Slick, beautiful, and incredibly gutsy, the Dodge Challenger has been called the last great all-American muscle car. With its distinctive nose, blunt lines, and throaty engine growl, this is one pony that turns heads wherever it goes.

If you’re the proud owner of a beast like the Challenger, you know that it deserves the best accessories. At Lloyd Mats Store, we’ve got custom Dodge Challenger floor mats that match your car perfectly.

Three Generations of Power and Style

First rolling out in 1970, the Challenger has gone through three generations and countless tweaks in the last fifty years, but, in that time, its central purpose has stayed the same: to be the toughest and most powerful pony muscle car in its class, a two-door challenger (the name isn’t a coincidence) to the Mustang and Camaro.

It was with the SRT Demon and Hellcat models that the Challenger really came into a class of its own, dominating the sports performance category and delivering incredible—yet still street legal—horsepower and acceleration. It’s got the brawn to match the looks.

Complete the Look with a Custom Dodge Challenger Floor Mat

One thing is certain with the Challenger: Whatever the model, it’s bound to attract attention as soon as it hits the streets—but you need to match style with style, and you need to have a floor mat that fits properly and looks great.

Whether it’s the dozens of color options, classic Dodge nameplates, or even custom embroidered text, there are hundreds of ways you can make your 2019 Dodge Challenger floor mat suit you and your car.

All of our mats are factory trimmed to exactly fit the specific model of your Challenger, and they are available for the trunk and second seat too. The thick, lush nylon pile is designed for both durability and comfort, and all of them come with a warranty of at least two years.

Superior Protection in All Conditions

Looking for something that can take a pounding? Need a superior grip in all conditions? Look no further than our extreme durability all-weather mats, which can handle anything that’s thrown at them. Cut to fit any Challenger and coming in a wide range of colors, these are for the driver who needs total safety in the face of punishing situations.

No matter what you need it for, find your perfect match with a Dodge Challenger floor mat from Lloyd Mats Store. Look through our full range of styles and customization options and start shopping below.


  1. Ultimat Custom Carpet Floor Mats

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  2. LUXE Carpet Luxury Floor Mats

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  3. Velourtex Custom Carpet Floor Mats

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    • 22 oz./ sq. yard premium single ply nylon cut pile carpet
    • 12 colors
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  4. Berber 2 Carpet Floor Mats

    Plain front mats price 
    • Classic traditional Berber look
    • 32 oz./yard premium nylon six-ply loop style carpet
    • 8 colors
    • 5 year warranty